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you need images to show to your grandchildren someday.

they will be the heirlooms your childrens' children will cherish. 

I can help you! 


Why did I choose photography?  It was always something very important to me in the way I experience things to have a camera as a tool to record memories down to the mood and the smell.  Don't judge, I love smells.

Reminiscing.  I believe in the preservation of the little moments that are indescribable, the ones that make you nostalgic when you look back on the day... 



....And so that is what I hunt for in my sessions, the creation of that fleeting, indescribable feeling.  I want to create a feel and a mood, unique to you and your story.  To be able to envision and work with you, to be able to represent your dynamic and to tell your story is what gives me the most joy.  

That's why I do this.  (And not just for couples but for small businesses and individuals, too!)  I aim to see you.  


In other words, I got you.  


I work mostly “unposing” my portrait with guided movement.  My goal is to keep you feeling natural, and I will totally be with you 100% of the way.   I approach weddings as an opportunity to document the raw and create those memories for you.  

Weddings packages start at $1,500 and portrait packages at $200.  I believe in the value of prints and albums for the sake of your legacy as well as digital files to share with family and friends on FaceBook.  

Now it's your turn!  

Tell me all about you (no seriously, I'd love to get to know you!).  Lets get your personal quote started.  

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