Where are you located?

I currently live in Lexington, Kentucky with my husband, daughter, and our dog and cat. I travel to Louisville often, as well as my hometown area in Hopkins County.

Do you travel?

Heck yea!  An adventurous couple with a vision are my favorite kinds of couples.  I do charge a small traveling fee, just to help me get there.  LET'S GO!

What are your rates?

An hour long portrait session is 300.00. Wedding collections start at 1800 for basic coverage, and go up to 4,200 for All Inclusive coverage. I also love tiny weddings and elopements, coverage for those start at 900.

If our time runs over expected, will you stay?

Of course. Extra hours can be invoiced later at 300.00 an hour.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

Yes please. It would be so great if you did. I am working my tail off and a short break to eat while you eat is all I need to recharge and get nourished so I don’t end up passing out from exhaustion! I like be be go through buffet lines right behind you, so I am eating at the same time as you. Also, if you’ve got assigned seats, be sure to seat me with your guests to where I will be able to see when you’re finished. Vendor meals are absolutely fine, I just want to make sure I am able to get back to your coverage as soon as you are up and finished.


How do I book my date?

Simple- a signed contract and a retaining fee is all that is required to reserve your date. All of which can be done easily, when you’re ready, through my online gallery site.  Payments are broken up into thirds (the first of which is your retainer and reserves your date) with the remaining balance due before the wedding.

How long until I get my photos?

2-3 weeks for portrait sessions.  3-6 weeks for weddings.  Add a week during busy seasons!


How many photos do I get?

All of them.  All weddings and portrait sessions include an online gallery where your images are available for viewing, ordering, sharing, and downloading. Portrait sessions can average about 50-150 images, where weddings are anywhere from 75-100 images an hour.  But I really do go for quality over quantity. 


How can I share the image with my family and friends?

Your online gallery link and password is emailed to you, and a simple forwarded email or social media blast and all of your people can order their copies without any hassle from you!


Can we print our own photos?

Yes!  When you download your images from the online gallery they are in original, high-resolution.  There in the online gallery you have access to my professional lab, which has my trust 100%.  They have amazing metallic prints, canvas gallery wraps at amazing cost, turn around time, and their quality is nothing short of perfection. You can order amazingness right from you online gallery!


Can we share our photos on *insert social media site here*?

Absolutely!  I want all of your friends, family, instagram and Pinterest followers to see these images too!  The only thing I ask is that my info is shared on the photos.  I do not advertise much because so much of my referrals is this modern day word of mouth/social media.  Plus, if your friends end up hiring me, that means we get to hang again!


What kind of lighting do you use?

The sun and the moon.  Ok, ok....  so I also have a camera flash that I like to get out occasionally to add a pop of creativity.


Do you have a second shooter?

Generally I find that I am able to plan and successfully shoot weddings solo.  However for the larger weddings I will find a trusted professional to bring along to help cover the basics.  


Do you offer products?

I do!  I have amazing wooden keepsake boxes with matching USB drives. I fill them with a highlighted selection of complementary 5x7” prints from your shoot.  My albums are also incredible!  The cover options are endless and they are affordable and the quality is PERFECTION.


I heard you offer film?

I sure do.  I LOVE FILM.  I’ve been shooting film for over half my life.  The darkroom was my first experience in photography back when I was a kid.  My dad even eventually built my very own darkroom in our garage for me!  My obsession with film and the darkroom took me through my undergraduate degree too!  I still do film, 35mm and medium format.  For my film lovers, be sure to ask about what I offer!


Do you have insurance?

Yes. If your venue needs a copy of it, please let me know in advance.

How many weddings have you shot?

More than I can count. I shot my first wedding in High School, and shot several after that in film. I’m not that old, but I did master the film medium before switching to digital in 2007. I also worked under a trusted professional shooting a wedding almost every weekend (sometimes twice a weekend!) from March to October the year I graduated college. It was a great experience and helped me to be comfortable shooting weddings on my own, which I’ve done for the last 10 years. I have also worked in several commercial studios including Amazon, Rue la la, and Ralph Lauren.