He is so smooth...  Kyle proposed to me over labor day weekend, and I took my own engagement photos without knowing it at the time! 

Of course I'm always toting my camera, or a camera of some kind with me.  Months ago we had taken a photo, spur of the moment, self timer, at dusk, it was out of focus and blurry, but of course we still love it.  We've been trying to recreate it since.  

We had gone into the tall pines on his dads property.  I think he knew my clear vision of the photo I wanted to take, and I kept wanting to retake it... the original two photos were out of focus and blurry.  

We began our photo shoot and ended up getting some great shots.  I don't ever get in front of the camera so I practiced a few of the poses I often ask my clients to do.  (I need to know how y'all feel getting in front of the camera... it's weird, I know!)  We got our "I'm going to jump into your arms and try not to kick you in the balls" shot that I wanted.  

Then he requested the one of us in the back of his truck, which he had already set up.  Boys and their toys!  This man loves his truck.  We got a few shots in the back of his truck, and he asks if my camera has a video setting....  Then my little photo shoot, unbeknownst to me, turns into my own engagement video!  

I love this man.  He is incredible.  I am one of you now, lets get married!  


We had been talking about putting together a 'memory book' of photos, think about the adventure book the old couple in the movie "Up" had... And the video was (his idea!) him giving me the book, starting with the first photos of us taken 8 years ago.  It ended with him proposing.  Of course I said yes, and now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.  And I'm in happy/ugly tears writing this!  

Cheers to all the sweet couples out there celebrating life with their best friend, their one true love, their soul mate.  We love you!  YOU are the reason I do this job....