Matt + Elena  |  Louisville, KY

Matt + Elena | Louisville, KY

Matt and Elena were married over Memorial Day weekend at the Gheens Foundation Lodge located in the beautiful Parklands just outside of Louisville, KY.  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Look at all those windows!  (Perfect for when it decides to sprinkle right before the first site!)  

Matt's brother, Ben married the two and gave the most touching sermon.  And check out the photo of Elenas grandma (Hey Mommom!) when she saw her granddaughter walking down the isle!  I'm so honored I was able to spend the day with you and your amazing family and friends.  It was a blast! 

Cheers to you two, and to many many years of fun and happiness! 

Coordinator: Kayla Henrichs, Cakes:Nothing Bundt Cake, Flowers: State & Arrow Design, Dress: Rebecca's Bridal, Suits: Generation Tux, Hair/make-up: Bethany Hood, Rings: Genesis Diamonds



The Stone Family |  Louisville Family Photography

The Stone Family | Louisville Family Photography

This family has been loyal to me for years.  I'm talking YEARS.  I knew Lauren + Steve pre-babies!  And I can say they are still one of my favorite, most influential families.  They have supported and believed in what I do as a photographer since day one.  They embody what I believe in.  They exude love, pureness, goodness, Godliness, and everything that is a photographers dream.  I have commented to people that Lauren radiates pure joy.  She is definitely someone that I have looked up to for years now!   

I am so blessed to have watched their family grow.  From newly weds to "Omg we're expecting!" to "gender reveal for #2" to "we're still growing" I've been there for them!  I could almost say they've been there for me too!  They have truly seen my style evolve, and probably will be faithful to see it continue!  I can only hope I am fortunate to say the same about them!

I met the Stone family at our favorite coffee shop (seriously, go to Louisville and visit Sunergos and get you some Blend B in your life ASAP.) for some coffee and yummy snacks.  I live right around the corner from Sunergos and couldn't be more thrilled to feature them in this shoot!  We also tried Nords for some treats, but they were just way to packed for a Saturday... Totally worth the wait, but a bit challenging with three kids under 5!  My amazing neighbor Becky does the murals for the bakery! 


Please enjoy some candid portraits of the most lovely family in Louisville!  

Heath + Laura  |  Buffalo Trace Wedding, Frankfort KY

Heath + Laura | Buffalo Trace Wedding, Frankfort KY

Heath and Laura are the sweeeeeetest, most laid back couple.  I LOVED their engagement session, and I knew they were going to have a fantastic wedding!  

Their wedding took place at the beautiful Buffalo Trace Distillery and the reception followed in the Elmer T. Lee Clubhouse, all in beautiful Frankfort Kentucky.  And of course y'all know I'm a sucker for a good live bluegrass band!

Thank you Heath and Laura for having along for your wedding day journey!  

Rachel + Chad |  Louisville Engagement

Rachel + Chad | Louisville Engagement

Rachel and Chad ....  Where to start!?  Chad was a grade younger than me in school, so the name was familiar when Rachel contacted me!  They're story is strait up something out of a movie!  Spoiler alert- T hey've got that comfortable vibe to them too, like they've known each other their whole lives or something.  :)   Rachels Grandma and Chads Mom have been BEST FRIENDS since the 7th grade!  There's no better way to describe them.  They're all smiles, all fun, and full of love.  My favorite kind of people!  

Rachel and Chad are getting married next fall at his family's farm back in our hometown.  I am so excited to be their photographer and to meet their whole family!  

Enjoy the love!